It's about fuckin time...

CCS... it's about time you recognized me for SOMETHING. Currently I have 5 pieces that will be shown at the student show opening May 12th. Now I finally have a reason to go! And now, if you're lucky you'll get to see my work put up against all of the other Graphic Design work which is mostly Vh1 and MTV-worthy rehash bullshit. It's safe to say that my work is different from everyone elses in graphic design. I can't wait to see the contrast between my work and the rest of the department.


Hello sun and warm weather...
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dKa- Relic

Well, it's taken me several weeks but I've finally finished producing and mixing my first album as dKa, called Relic. It is 16 tracks long and clocks in at just about an hour. Relic is a collection of thick textural ambient noisescapes, composed of intense drones, heavy feedback, and eerie noises. It was first intended, as an experiment, to be a short 7-track EP. Three weeks later and now it has grown into a lengthy 16-track album. Here is the track listing:

1. Twilight Hum
2. Crescent Moon
3. A Dark Wind Approaching
4. Psyche Slip
5. Stay Away From The Woods
6. Swarm
7. Lost In The Woods
8. Bickering Creatures
9. Snarling Cave Beast
10. Down In The Well (version 2)
11. Native Drone
12. Cosmic Chew
13. Annoying Itch
14. Ritual
15. Tropic Relic
16. Your Mind Melting (version 3)

Relic requires an open listener, though chances are you'll either love it or hate it. Ambient music presents the listener with a setting, and reinforces a particular mood or feeling. The dKa project intends to do the same thing. If this interests you at all and you would like a copy of the album, just e-mail me at dadams@campus.ccscad.edu. or go here to preview 4 tracks:


today's the rare occasion when I update...

With lots of important help from Heather, I typed up a sweet paper for my Cultural Semiotics final. I like it so much that I'm going to post it. It's all about the music industry and how they're fucking the consumer in various ways. I talk about file-sharing and how it mostly benefits the artist. It's a pretty informative read, so enjoy.

The Music IndustryCollapse )

I'll make another post with all my X-Mas gifts that I received... it may even be soon that I do this.
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